Retroactive was founded by a team of like-minded partners that enjoy the outside life and being keen cyclists we wanted to bring the latest designs and innovative technology  to the UK market.

Our retroactive E-bikes and Scooters range from the cool urban; the rugged all-terrain fat tyre; to the stylish city commuter.  Whatever your specific needs our friendly team will be able to assist you in making a perfect choice and your buying experience a pleasurable one.

Why Now

Living and working in and around London we have seen a huge migration in the way people travel. With unprecedented levels of traffic congestion and pollution, Retroactive E-bikes and Scooters will help reduce this and give you the freedom to move around large cities or towns with ease – with electric-assist giving the extra power you sometimes need.

Our Future

Here at Retroactive we aim to continually scour the global market for the latest trends and bring fun, stylish and newest technologies to the E-Travel market. Our Hertfordshire-based business will provide the local community with jobs and a dedicated team to help with your Electric bike and scooter enquiries.

We are a new group of Electric Riders. We welcome anyone with a passion for the great outdoors, whether it be: gas guzzlers; eco-warriors; city slickers; or like-minded enthusiasts.

Retroactive is here to help you ride into the future.

In STYLE of course!!!