Cycle to work scheme

In order to complete your Cycle Scheme Purchase through RetroActiveBikes Ltd let us know what bike you like and we can produce a quote for you to share with your employer.

If your employer is not part of the scheme we can introduce your HR team to VivUp and get them set up in a flash.

Please “email us” at and one of the team will support you through the quick process and issue the quote to allow you to start the process.

Choose from our range of UK Road Legal eBikes

Knaap Silver

Knaap Black

Knaap V2 Black (rear and front suspension)

Our Cycle To Work Scheme is powered by

Now more than ever the costs of commuting are on the rise. Why not choose our road legal Knaap ebike to reduce the cost of your daily commute and get fit at the same time.

Our Cycle to Work scheme powered by can help you become a healthier, happier, and more motivated member of staff; all whilst reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

It is also a great employee benefit for you and makes eBike ownership really affordable allowing you to spread the costs over several months and pay less tax/NI at the same time.

These are some of the great benefits of buying your Knaap Bike via a Bike scheme.

  • Up to 47% in tax and NI savings if you are a high rate tax payer
  • Agree your salary sacrifice limit with your employer (this may vary between companies/employers)
  • No additional charges from RetroActiveBikes
  • HMRC approved scheme
  • Great customer service from VivUp to cover off any questions or queries you may have

Speak to your employer today and get them to sign-up with VivUp today.